The gIDE Institute founded by Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, is the premiere provider of online dental education with members and online users in over 100 countries and a world renowned faculty of clinicians and researchers from US, Europe and Australasia. In addition to Online and DVD education, gIDE is the only provider of a Global 1-year gIDE Master Clinician Program in Implant Dentistry in the USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, China and Australia.

These are small to mid-size events where the world’s top implant clinicians and researchers teach in classroom and online. The scientific program includes a 1-year intensive training with hands-on, lectures, live surgery by faculty, case presentations by class registrants and graded by 2 faculty members, exams, online forum and graduates the registrant with certificates of the gIDE Institute and LLU upon successful completion.

gIDE moved its global headquarters in June 2006 to a 4000+ sqft recording studio in west Los Angeles which formerly were the studios of the famous California band "the Beach Boys".
Now transferred into a modern facility with administrative offices and studios for Live Broadcast events, production of Lecture-on-Demand, Clinical Videos and Interviews and a training center for groups onsite of up to 25 professionals for lecture and hands-on courses.

The facility also houses since January 2012 the gIDE Dental Center, a comprehensive multidisciplinary patient treatment center with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
The center was developed by Dr. Sascha Jovanovic.