Since 1908, Hu-Friedy has been putting the highest quality and most innovative dental products in the hands of dental professionals worldwide. And today, as one of the world's leading dental instrument and product companies, we continue our commitment to advancing dental performance by supporting these products with world class service, education and peer communities. Hu-Friedy's goal is to help you perform at your best and we strive to do so by offering an extensive collection of quality crafted products. We combine advanced technology and innovative design to produce superior products designed for optimal performance, maximum durability and resiliency. We're committed to making sure the best perform that way.

The Cooperation between Hu-Friedy and Dr. Didier DIETSCHI has led to a very special composite instrument collection: the "COMPOSCULP" set. These instruments are the indispensable complement to practitioner skills; they have been designed with the highest clinical standards in mind, providing the most suitable and ergonomic instrument for each indication of direct composite placement.